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We offer You the Furnaces and warning systems to warm treatment of the Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Material drying and colour burning out made to Order.     

ELSA- Furnaces to treatment of the Metals

- working temperature up to 1300°C

- Hardening, Staking, Chemical. Warm, treatment, Melting

- with Circulation of interval Medium up to 900°C


ELSA- Furnaces to Burning out of Ceramic

- working Temperature up to 1250°C

- lower supply of el. energy

- warranty of Temperature stability

- Automatic Time Regulation of the Furnace.


ELSA- Furnaces to glass Forming

- working Temperature up to 1000°C

- quickly growing to the working temperature up to Melting

- The Forming by means of Patterns or hand-made by means ofsuitable Helps.


ELSA- Furnaces to Drying, color and Resin Burning-out, Matter-forming.

- working Temperatures 20-400°C

- Automatic regulation of temperature and Moistness

- Ventilation of inner Room according to Vapour-Concentration

- Intensive Circulation of interval Medium.



Our Products are designed according to specific Needs of users, and correspond to modern requirements of Production. We offer Warranty and Post-Warranty service to our delivered products.

The warranty for delivered Products, works, technology parameters 2 years.

We offer to You also Execution of the Reparatures and Reconstruction’s,Supplementary Parts (Warming Elements, regulation, furnace - Masonry) and technical helps.

Detailed Information’s contains our Products-Review.

We welcome You to our satisfied customers!


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